ALP: The Admissions Leadership Podcast

Ray Brown

April 04, 2022 Ken Anselment / Ray Brown Season 5 Episode 11
ALP: The Admissions Leadership Podcast
Ray Brown
Show Notes

Ken's first boss in college admission, Ray Brown, joins the show to swap stories about leadership, team development, and baseball. Ray is the chief enrollment officer at St. Joseph's College of Maine, having served previously as dean of admission at TCU and Marquette and director of admission at Lawrence University. Ray also happens to be a human baseball encyclopedia, and shares the three games he most would have liked to attend throughout history, including one with a surprise ending.

Shout-outs to Bob Preloger, Fred Schebor, Steve Syverson, Duncan Murdoch, Heath Einstein and Mike Marshall.

Rapid Descent

  • Walkout songBorn to Run by Bruce Springsteen
  • Best recent read: The Baseball 100 by Joe Posnanski
  • Eager to read next: The Boys of Summer by Roger Kahn and How to be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi
  • Favorite podcast: This one (check's in the mail, Ray).
  • Favorite thing to make in the kitchen: Bupkis
  • What he uses to take and keep notes: Pen and paper. 
  • Memorable bit of advice: "Do not judge your insides by other people's outsides."
  • Bucket list: Trip to the Holy Land. 

Theme music arranged by Ryan Anselment.