ALP: The Admissions Leadership Podcast

Roby Blust

April 11, 2022 Ken Anselment/Roby Blust Season 5 Episode 12
ALP: The Admissions Leadership Podcast
Roby Blust
Show Notes

In what may be the most blooper-reel worthy episode of the ALP so far, Roby Blust, Ken's second boss at Marquette University, demonstrates the importance of fun and humor while doing the noble work of college admissions, as well as how a crashed milk truck helped shape his view of what leadership means. Roby is the inspiration for a piece Ken wrote in 2018:  "Why do we do this?"

Shout outs from people who have worked with Roby include: Jeff Blahnik, Jenn MachacekSusan Teerink, Kim Frisch, Ed Moore, Aaron Meis, Adam Stout, Connie Bennett, Jean Burke, and Dan Hamrin.

This show is dedicated to Tom Weede, and when you listen to the end, you'll know why.

Rapid Descent

  • Walkout songBig City by Merle Haggard (He's right: it makes so much sense)
  • Best recent read: Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion by Greg Boyle, S.J.
  • Eager to read next: The Baseball 100 by Joe Posnanski
  • Favorite thing to make in the kitchen: Preparing food for the grill.
  • What he uses to take and keep notes: Levenger notepads. 
  • Memorable bit of advice: "If you're on time, you're 15 minutes late." -Vince Lombardi
  • Bucket list: Fishing in Alaska. 

Theme music arranged by Ryan Anselment.