ALP: The Admissions Leadership Podcast

Angela Frazier

March 15, 2024 Ken Anselment Season 9 Episode 2
ALP: The Admissions Leadership Podcast
Angela Frazier
Show Notes

Angela Frazier, Vice President of Student Services at Waukesha County Technical College (the ALP's first guest two-year college enrollment leader and the first African-American leader in WCTC's 100-year history) shines a light on what people get wrong about two-year colleges; how WCTC has punched above its weight with recruitment and retention; and why she needs help with a walkout song.

Special shout-out to Angela's right-hand man, John McGreal, Dean of Enrollment Services. 

Rapid Descent

  • Walkout song: "I don't have a walkout song. I don't like music." (But she's taking recommendations.)
  • Best recent read: Transcendent Kingdom, by Yaa Gyasi
  • Eager to read next: The Love Songs of W.E.B. DuBois, by Honoree Fanone Jeffers
  • Favorite podcast:  For Your Institution, by Mongoose
  • Favorite thing to make in the kitchen: "Not your momma's banana pudding."
  • Taking and keeping notes: Notes app on iPhone.
  • Memorable bit of advice: "If you don't think you look good, no one will think you look good, and if no one thinks I look good, you better think that I look good."
  • Bucket list: Travel to Australia.

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