ALP: The Admissions Leadership Podcast

Jeff Blahnik

March 22, 2024 Ken Anselment / Jeff Blahnik Season 9 Episode 3
ALP: The Admissions Leadership Podcast
Jeff Blahnik
Show Notes

From the time he was a little boy, Jeff Blahnik always wanted to be "an attorney," but a moment of crisis halfway through law school changed his path. He's now the Vice President of Enrollment Management at the University of Oklahoma, and shares the secret of winning the job interview at OU, how "inspired hospitality" makes a flagship feel intimate, and how to establish yourself as a new leader at a new institution. He also answers the question: "Who has the hottest seat on an athletic powerhouse's campus: president, enrollment VP, or football coach?"

Special shout-out to Marquette University's Roby Blust, from whose coaching tree both guest and host have sprouted, and Dan Hamrin, yet another branch on that tree.

The Miami of Minnesota ... it's a real thing.

Rapid Descent

  • Walkout song: Don't Let the Old Man In by Toby Keith
  • Best recent read: Unreasonable Hospitality by Will Guidara
  • Eager to read next: Belonging by Owen Eastwood
  • Favorite podcast:  Missing in Alaska
  • Favorite thing to make in the kitchen: "I grind the beans and make an incredible pot of coffee."
  • Taking and keeping notes: Moleskine notebook and Zebra ballpoint pen.
  • Memorable bit of advice: (1) Make gratitude an everyday part of your routine … it prepares you for moments of desolation. Bring light and love into your life."; (2) Competition isn’t hoping that someone else does worse than you. Focus on being your best and ensure your team is the best."
  • Bucket list: Travel to Europe for his 25th wedding anniversary.

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